The pictures have arrived!!!

Finally!  I have some pictures to share… Van-Go popped up and plugged in Who said I can’t hang out with the big rigs Snow-capped Rockies  A “deer” friend of mine at Mountaindale RV Resort in CO Too funny…at entrance to KIVA RV Park in Tucumcari, NM Also at KIVA Tucumcari mural at RV Park Other side of mural Colorado Springs, CO Foot of the Rockies RV Park A couple of my traveling companions

What a Difference a Day Makes

   I arrived in ‘heaven’…Mountaindale Cabins & RV Resort…about 2 hours ago!  The first order of business was a long hot shower and it was amazing!  I immediately met a couple that has been full-timing it for 5 years…Jan and Phil!  We hit it off right away.  I invited them into Van-Go for a visit and they LOVED her….after all, what’s not to love!!!  We plan to get together later and chat some more!    I just got back from a stroll through the beautiful wilderness that permeates this area.  To my astonishment, I was not alone in thinking thatRead More

Weather Wonderland & Technology Trouble

 Part 1- except for some moderately strong winds from Tucumcari, NM to Colorado Springs, CO…the weather cooperated for the duration of my 7 hour drive that should have only been 5!!!   My Garmin couldn’t locate my destination, so I used Google Maps on my phone, then my signal went out on the phone in the middle of nowhere!  You think THAT’S funny…well, I had glanced ahead a bit on the phone screen and what I thought said 419 as my next juncture was actually 412…………so a mere 120 miles later in a less than time efficient direction, I wasRead More

First Day on the Road

   Well, here I am in Tucumcari, NM at a campsite that has Betty Boop at the entrance!!!   Gotta love it! It has been a very eventful first night!  I have neighbors that are 17 year veterans at full-timing it.  Dutch and Sherri.  They have a HUGE Ford E350 truck that is hauling a 41 foot rig with 3 slides and a 10 foot GARAGE attached…housing their motorcycles!!!  Van-Go looks like a thumbnail in comparison…lol    Oh, and I almost blew up my water tank this evening.  The gadget that I thought was the water pressure gauge was nothingRead More

Delayed a Day

   The best laid plans….as they say!  Due to several unexpected turn of events, I did NOT depart today on my adventure, but all is well!!!    I have an appointment at the van dealership…for 9:30 AM tomorrow to flush my water tank and fill ‘er up, I pick up my new Rx shades and….I’M OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Words cannot possibly describe my current state of mind!  Ecstatic…curious…hopeful…delirious…joyous…GRATEFUL……..are few that pale in comparison to what is stirring within me!  I can’t help but wonder if and when going on this magnificent journey will cease to seem …surreal!  I’m fixin’ to findRead More

The Home Stretch

   WOW!  Three days and counting!!!  So, “No” I haven’t started without you!!  LOL  I took a few days off…well, sorta!    The water flushing event hasn’t happened yet!  I find myself resisting the process…not quite sure what THAT’S all about.  Nonetheless, I’ll be calling my pals at the place where I bought Van-Go to help me out!    I have been reworking my route back East.  I learned of the “Tornado Alley”, a group of states where tornadoes occur frequently and often without notice especially this time of year.  Of course, my original route was going to take meRead More

The Countdown Continues…

   Yesterday I sorted through my many many CDs!  A few faves survived the cut and will be loaded onto my PC for future download onto an iPod.  There’s no CD player in Van-Go and a girl’s gotta jam on the road!       Also, I took some 8mm film and a few cassettes to be transferred to DVD/CD.  That’s something I’ve wanted to do for 25 years!!!!  Can’t wait to get them back so my kids can see and hear themselves from when they were little tykes!    Finally, I found a bike that FOLDS UP!!!  Camping WorldRead More

The Countdown Begins

Today, April 14, 2014…10 days before “Van-Go” and I hit the road! Continued preparation is at hand.  Today, the old laptop lets go of all the non-essentials…pics, documents, downloads, etc. Tomorrow?…stay tuned…

Closer and Closer

   Before I get started, I must clear up one thing…yet a second name for my new home on wheels has bitten the dust. It seems that she had a name in mind all along and I just wasn’t paying attention.  I had been seeing and thinking about the famous painting, “Starry Starry Night” beyond normal frequency!  Then on my way to get gas one afternoon, it hit me…her name…her permanent name…would be ‘Van-Go’!  How perfect, I thought!  So let it be recorded…permanent name for my new home…’Van-Go’.    Tentative date to officially begin my journey is April 24, 2014.Read More