Friends of Mine

Overlooking a cancelled “date” Offering to help in lieu of complaints Standing in the rain with you Lending a loving hand or two Creating time to listen and play Before you head out on your way Keeping you safe by moving the snow Supplementing your supplies before you go Calling to express delight in your visit And a hug when you arrive to go along with it Who would do these kinds of things? Who knows how to make your heart sing? Friends?  YES Keepers?  YES Those who love me in ways just shared Are the best kind of friendsRead More

Wrapping Up Winter in MD

    Frozen flower on my antenna Duck-cicle  Three hours away from heading south!!!  Wow!  What a crazy winter I’ve been in MD for!  Such a mixed bag of what winter means for me…speechless wonder, love of sharing childlike joy, absolute annoyance!!!  The site of everyday things encased by layers upon layers of frozen drops can be really spectacular!  Nature’s ability to bounce back from the weight of accumulated ice boggles my mind.         Watching the world slowly (or not) disappear under a blanket of white has always been a favorite winter pastime for me.  The other aspectRead More