AL – The Natural Bridge

The welcoming pup…so sweet! He followed us around for awhile and even photo- bombed once!!!  One of our excursions in northern Alabama was to see this bridge.   It was awesome!  There was a teeny walk to it and then a great hike to go all around it and then under it!  It is the longest natural bridge this side of the Rockies!!!  I’ll be sure to find the one/s on the west side of the Rockies at some point!!!!! A peek-a-boo under the bridge Tree growing upside down! My attempt to get a shot of Carl as awesome asRead More

AL – Hidden Cove Resort and a Moment with a Fisherman

  A speed limit sign with a picture of wine on it…LOL This was at the entrance of the vineyard…last stop I just have a thing for logging trucks Westward – Ho!  Here we go!  Between NC and AL, we spent the night at a Camping World parking lot and arrived at our campground right around noon.  What a beautiful property!  A pool was situated out at one end and a clubhouse at the other.  The lake there was so serene and the houses with boat slips along its shores looked like something you see on a postcard.  There wasRead More

SC – Myrtle Beach…North and South

    Our campground in NC was so close to Myrtle Beach, SC we couldn’t pass up the chance to check out such a popular vacation spot and see what it was like in the winter!  We Googled North Myrtle Beach and we ended up in a nice little area with a beautiful pier, etc. BUT it wasn’t the Myrtle Beach that so many flock to in the summer months.  So after we walked the beach awhile, we drove another 3o minutes to THE Myrtle Beach.  This spot was much different, shops (closed) and beachy ambiance…even a huge ferris wheel;Read More