TX – Glen Rose Greatness – Part 2 – Tres Rios Resort

    Tres Rios Resort is home to the convergence of three rivers, good fishing, great walking paths, beautiful sunrises and a wonderful restaurant!  It is also within driving distance to the Dallas/Fort Worth area…stay tunes for those adventures! An abandoned bird nest 🙁 Texas’ state flower…the blue bonnet Along one of the rivers WOW….isn’t it gorgeous?! Nothing like an unexpected visit by a bald eagle!!! My mini morning fire Aaahhhhh…morning Spotted this out of the corner of my eye one evening getting into the motor home… a star burst shadow from the solar light! How cool is this?! AnotherRead More

TX – Glen Rose Greatness – Part 1 – Pie Peddlers & Shoo Fly Soda Shop

BRIGHT SPOT – What a better way to begin a post than with a Bright Spot!   Carl and I were having dinner at the campground restaurant and we got to talking about desserts with a woman there.  She chimed in telling us we MUST go into town and have pie at the Pie Peddler.  We took her advice and got a lot more than pie!  We met the most wonderful couple…Wade and Summer Redwine. I’m lovin’ the apron!!! First we met Wade at the Shoo Fly Soda Shop which is right next door to the Pie Peddler.  Wade wasRead More

TX – Campground Highlights at Marina Village

Turtle friends catching a few rays Foggy sunrise Marina Village was the first official place where we had a waterfront site and it was on an amazingly beautiful lake…Lake Livingston!  Over the course of the 11 days we were there, I took some great shots of the sights.  I even played with the special effects on my camera phone which I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even know I had!!!   Oh, well…I know now! I have absolutely no idea what this is!My phone takes random shots sometimesand I think this is one of them…prettyawesome though I thought!!!Read More