A Case of Mistaken Identity
    I get up this morning all psyched to go to the beach along Lake Huron…so what if I have to ride my bike up and down for 3+ miles each way…won’t be the first time…:)  I arrived to find just a lovely little beach with a swarm of little ones doing somersaults, playing tag and eating snacks.   Must have been a field trip…boy, were they adorable!
   I took my bike down onto the sand, removed the sneakers and socks and waded in the beautiful lake.  Waves crashing on the rocks as I put my towel down so I could just lay there and listen! Aaaahhhh!!!   After a bit, I rode to the other side of a wharf, parked my bike and walked up onto a railed platform that overlooked a tiny white lighthouse!  The breeze was keeping me cool in the heat of the day.  I met a young man there.  His name was Nathan and he’d just gotten out of school for the summer two days ago.  Bright Spot– He was very friendly and easy to talk to but he didn’t think he had anything particularly good to share.  We talked awhile and he proceeded to tell me how for the last couple summers he has come to this very spot on Lake Erie nearly every single day.  He shared that he found it quiet and peaceful and that even though he lives pretty far that, for him, it was worth the hike!  My guess is that he was about 18.  In my opinion, Nathan’s good news is that he, at such a young age, recognizes the value of peaceful surroundings and goes out of his way to experience them.  He told me about a few places to eat and then I left.  As I was riding away, I turned around and watched this young man for a few minutes.  He was fully present in his moment…I could feel it.  What a joy to witness.
   In case you didn’t catch that he comes to Lake ERIE nearly everyday…let me just say that I was totally stunned when he said that!  I’m thinking I’m at Lake Huron the whole morning..LOL  Well, I wasn’t at the lake that I thought I was, but I was definitely at the RIGHT lake!
   Upon my arrival back at the campground, there was a Bright Spot waiting for me in the office/store.  I was commenting, as I pulled an icy cold drink out of the fridge, that my thighs must have disappeared since I couldn’t feel them.  Jill, who was working, laughed at me!  She and I struck up a conversation that lead to a fabulous ‘feel good’ story!  Five years ago Jill was working at a job she didn’t like…the money was great but the atmosphere was toxic!  Two friends of hers, Reuben and Keith had recently left their jobs at GM and bought this campground.  They invited her to come work for them.  At first, she shunned the offer mostly because of a cut in salary she’d have to take. It didn’t take long before she started working for them part time and the ‘breath of fresh air’ she began to experience here prompted her to leave the other job and come aboard full time.  That was 5 years ago and she hasn’t looked back!  Jill has a lightness about her that shines in her eyes and her joy is palpable!  I’m sure that everyone who comes through here and has an opportunity to be in her presence would agree!  

Lake ERIE lighthouse


Lake ERIE waves


Piggies in Lake ERIE

         Travel Companion
Some friends were leery of me traveling alone on this adventure.  I attempted to put their minds at ease by explaining that I have always known somehow that I’d be safe wherever I went and in whatever I did.  Today, it was clear to me that I am not on this journey alone.  I am being watched over and taken care of every minute of every day.  A couple of relatively simple occurrences during my trip this morning really made that belief ring true loud and clear.
1- Before I left for the lake, I uncharacteristically completely reversed my usual bike trip packing process.  In the backpack went the folding seat only to save my back and in my basket went the book, the journal, the pen, the water, the snacks, the towel, etc!   When I was ready to read and munch at the beach, I suddenly noticed that I didn’t have my backpack with me and was very disappointed, thinking for a moment that everything was in it.  Then, it dawned on me that I HAD what I needed because of the change in packing!
2- Riding along the path away from the lighthouse area, something large flew right into my eye, completely bypassing my sunglasses!  Automatically I reached for my eye and not only did I knock my glasses off but I totally wiped out.  I knew in that split second that “I was going down!”  The bike went out from under me and I landed on the OTHER SIDE of two very large stone slabs onto the soft wet grass.  I laid there checking my limbs one at a time and then got up to find my regular glasses.  They had a tiny scratch off to the left of the left lens, my sunglasses were fine, my bike was in perfect condition and I wasn’t even sore.
Couldn’t have done any of the above without a traveling companion.

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