I finally discovered the peace, quiet and beauty I was hoping to find at the last stop.  Because of information about some weird ‘invisible’ insect where I WAS heading, I rerouted to Yogi’s Jellystone Park and Campground.  I had been to the one in PA, so I knew it was probably a safe bet.  I got a spot right on their lake that was absolutely gorgeous!  Less than a dozen other campers and no one terribly close!  These last three days have been blessedly quiet!  I even struck up a fire just before sunrise today where I sat and had my Chai tea while watching the water in the lake shift with the direction of the breeze.

     I have become quite enthralled with the hanging (Spanish) moss.  It is mysterious, yet whimsical!  Like with the willow, the breeze inspires the silver gray strands to sway with total abandon.   I find it rather intriguing to think about the play.  Does the tree invite the breeze to come out and play or is it the breeze that surprises the tree with its strategically executed maneuver.  Either way, together they create a magical dance like none other.  It is a delight to experience!!!  Gaze at the pictures and feel the dance!

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