This grotto consists of a landscaped hillside studded with 125 small stone and cement structures…some religious and some non religious.  These amazing miniatures were created by Brother Joseph, a monk at the Abbey.  He has been called a ‘creative genius.’  His work began in 1912 and his final miniature of Lourdes Basilica Church was constructed in 1958 when Brother Joseph was 80 years old.  The majority of the miniatures are made of stone and concrete.  All the materials used for embellishment were donated…things like broken plates, costume jewelry, ceramic tile, beads, marbles, seashells, etc.  The pictures I took do not do these masterpieces justice, but hopefully an appreciation for Brother Joseph’s passion will emerge on some level.  It was truly a spectacular sight to behold!

A fairy castle


St. Peter’s Church

Noah’s Ark

Great Wall of China

Chipmunk Crossing…
I love it!!!!!

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