The welcoming pup…so sweet!
He followed us around for
awhile and even photo-
bombed once!!!

 One of our excursions in northern Alabama was to see this bridge.   It was awesome!  There was a teeny walk to it and then a great hike to go all around it and then under it!  It is the longest natural bridge this side of the Rockies!!!  I’ll be sure to find the one/s on the west side of the Rockies at some point!!!!!

A peek-a-boo under the bridge

Tree growing upside down!

My attempt to get a shot of Carl
as awesome as the one he took of me
and the pup…seconds make a difference
with Mother Nature

Trickles of water appeared
all over the place…we got a little
wet several times…lol

Awesome rock

LOOK!  A donut log!!!

An itty-bitty waterfall

The awesome shot Carl took…GO CARL!!!

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