MARDI GRAS!!!  So much fun!  Beads galore!  Moon pies!  Toys!  Streamers!  Stuffed animals!  Carl even caught a teddy bear for me that looks so much like my ‘Frazzle Fur” bear that I’ve had forever!  Some people had small rakes that they were using to pull items to them from the other side of the railing!  Others had butterfly nets trying to catch things in the air!  The floats were great and of course the school bands and dancers were wonderful as well!  The pics include a pre-Mardi Gras parade the weekend before and a few shots of the town.

My bead collection!!!

Zoom in…the results of

My cool Harley man
with tiny stuffed animals
hanging out of his pocket

Just a cool building
in town

Ginormous sea shells painted

Beads from the first parade

More beads AND “Mardi”
Frazzle Fur’s new sister

A spirited officer…oh, yeah!

More goodies for the trees…good arm!!!

He had a great voice!!!


Layers of spectators!!!

LOVE the specs!!!

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