The OOPS happened in Greenville!  We were driving through the narrow little town looking for the High Horse Gallery that sounded fabulous on the Internet and was way up on the list of things to check out!  We were almost there, turned our last corner and saw a RR overpass just ahead with a 10′ clearance.  Carl and I looked at each other with a touch of panic in our eyes.  Well, we were involuntarily committed at that point…there’s no backing up a hill with a car in tow!!!  So we crept on under the bridge until we heard a scraping sound!  The A/C unit!  We were ‘stuck’.  Carl backed up a few feet very carefully to disengage from the concrete above us.  We realized that the only way to get out of the ‘pickle’ was to unhook the car and back it up the hill, remove the dolly and drag it up the hill and THEN back up the motor home.  Of course, we had already caused a bit of a back-up!  A few people alternated directions through the one lane ‘tunnel’ with Carl’s guidance, a few cars made a U-turn on the slope and a couple beeped at us as if we were unaware of the predicament…wow!  LOL
    Once the car was up the hill and on a lot, I spoke to the gentlemen at the glass company there and explained the situation…they were WONDERFUL!  There was a church across the street and they told me we could park the whole rig there and simply walk to the gallery because it was just on the far side of that crazy overpass!  So, Carl dragged the dolly up and backed up the motor home and put everything in position for reassembly.  I drove the car up onto the dolly (my 1st time…go, me), he strapped it on and we drove it over to the church lot.  We thanked the guys again and headed toward the gallery.  It was about 3 short blocks away.  We were very excited when we spotted the sign!  We crossed the street only to witness a shocking realization…the gallery was completely EMPTY!!!  A woman parked nearby informed us that much to the chagrin of the neighborhood, the gallery had closed down about 3 months prior.
   Okay then…we thanked her and turned to go back to the church…looked at each other and burst out laughing!  ALL THAT and the place was closed!  At the top of the hill, we stopped by and told the guys in case anyone came there asking about the gallery!  They got a kick out of our OOPS too!
It’s all part of the adventure!!!
By the way, Carl checked our needed clearance and it was 10′ and 2″…LOL

The fated over pass…lol


Our home and car re-assembled…lol
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