I’m back on my original waterfall search…gotta see at least 1 in each state we go to!!!
Here in William Bankhead National Forest, we found 2!!!!  Oh, yeah!!!  The weather was perfect and there had been a plethora of rain allowing for a fabulous flow!!!

Day 1
Restaurant where we ate after the waterfall
It overlooked the Sipsey  River…
Golddiggers at the Lakeside Inn
The adult beverages were fabulous…yummy!

Day 1-Path to the falls-
not too steep

Day 1

Day 1-One and a half waterfalls!!!!

Day 1-Silly Carl trying not
to get wet…what a sport!!!

Day 1-Ecstatic me…
there is something so neat
about standing behind a waterfall

Day 1
A baby pine cone Carl found for me on
our hike
Day 2-our fried chicken
and potato salad picnic…
Day 2-the rocks beneath this gorgeous
cascade are so smooth, people
slide right down them into
the pool in warmer weather
Day 2-Carl trying to abscond with our
picnic food…HAHAHA…trapped!
Day 2
Carl holding up the boulder so I
could walk through safely…LOL
Day 2
Day 2
Can you see the creature with the squinty
eyes who just gobbled up something that
was around that huge bone???!!!  LOL
Day 2
One of the steep hills we climbed down
then back up
to get to the base of the falls
Day 2-the creek…the color of the water was
just breathtaking
Day 2-Me trying to hold down the tree…LOL
Just funnin’…gotta love those roots gone wild!
Day 2
Day 2
Awesome 3-part rings…I never saw anything
like this…have always just seen one big round
set of rings…ain’t it cool?
Yet another steep climb
to get to the base of the
falls…so much fun
Pretty good for 2 old farts
Day 2-down stream a ways…
so peaceful

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