From 1:00pm on a Tuesday to 1:00pm on the following day, Carl and I had pretty much nonstop fun!  Our first stop was to find out what “The Thing” was.  There were billboards for miles and miles along I-10 West advertising “The Thing”.  We HAD to know…lol  So off we went.  Such tourists!

 For only $1, we were directed to a door that lead to three buildings that housed vintage vehicles, unbelievably creative hand curved driftwood, period inventions and finally…”The Thing.”  We were amazed at all of the items we saw.  It turned out to be quite a fun activity!

This sign was posted on each of the three
 front doors of the museum.

You didn’t think I was gonna show you what “The Thing” was, did ya???!!!
Oh, what the heck…you can see it online, anyway…..

Is the dead thing real?
Is the mummy mommy and babe authentic?
Guess we’ll never know!

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