***Not a WHOLE lot happening, but what IS happening is good!
      I got a great report from the orthopedic surgeon
regarding my foot.  She said it’s healing
well and has remained in a perfect position for bonding.  I learned that the heel bone is one of those
really important bones that takes quite a while to heal completely.  So…the timeline caught me off guard a bit….approximately
2 more months with boot and no pressure on foot (sitting a lot) then a month or
so to get the whole walking thing down again (with boot in house, with boot on
sidewalk and so on a week at each phase). 
Once I can walk comfortably in a shoe, I’ll get released to get back on
the road with instructions for a somewhat limited physical activity plan for
another 7 months!  Of course, I’m
intending with great conviction that this whole process time will be reduced!!!
Sample of finished product utilizing the
sea beans as the main pendant

‘Sea beans’ that travel incredible distances
throughout the waters of the world.

The couple that creates this beautiful
jewelry lived in areas where beans
 tend to accumulate and collected
thousands of various types of beans 

Second, Marie and I went to truly fantastic craft festival
in St. Petersburg weekend before last.  I
am always in awe of the level of ingenuity that people express through their
various genres of art! 
My absolute favorite is this eclectic
wine bottle and glasses holder!  This
artist designs and creates all sizes
of pieces…knick-knacks to furniture!

All of these incredible items are made
strictly from the various types of
palm that grows abundantly here in the
 I find it
refreshing as well as inspiring to not only to experience the artists’ work
visually, but to hear the hows and whys and whats of their creations when
talking to them.  Such a pleasure.
TIPS:1- Be sure to squeeze as much liquid
as possible from the cooked/mashed/riced
cauliflower…Handi-Wipes worked great!
2-Adhere to making the crust 1/3 in. thick
…mine was a little too thin
  3- Bake the crust longer to get it firmer 
and crunchier  4- Make a double or triple
 batch and freeze some crusts so you
can just grab, thaw and top when you’re
in the mood for a bangin’ healthy pizza.
It was half gone before I thought of taking
a picture…LOL  You choose the toppings.
I lightly coated the hot crust with olive
oil then added orange peppers, red onions,
mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes,
and sliced mozzarella with a sprinkle
of Italian seasoning on top…yummy!
 Last, but not least…I discovered a wonderful recipe that
allows me to enjoy PIZZA totally “guilt-free”!!!  Cauliflower pizza crust….what a concept!  I tried it the other day and I was absolutely
impressed.  I did learn a few tricks for
next time to make the crust AND the experience better which I will note under
the recipe!  Try it….you may be
pleasantly surprised…I was!
      Did I mention that I had a little chat with the Queen that afternoon….I can’t believe I’m even putting this picture on here!!!  Hahahahahahahaha!
Too funny!!!

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