I missed a post!!!!!  Five days after my accident was my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.  Even though I had to wait quite awhile past my appt. time to get called back…once I did, things could not have gone any better!
 Bright Spot – Every person that I saw was personable, funny, knowledgeable and compassionate!
Dr. Scott McGinley was great.  After we chatted for a few minutes, he said he had an idea that I was NOT going to be a well behaved patient!  His wife is Italian too!  The voice of experience…lol
Lisa, who fitted me in my boot was also wearing a boot!!!

Jennifer and moi

Then there was Jennifer…what a sweetheart!  It had been a crazy week in the office and as we talked and laughed, she actually thanked me for coming in to cheer her up!  She is pregnant with her second child.  Her first is an 8 year old girl!  I’m pretty sure she is due in August… and she was supposed to find out the sex of the baby that weekend.  I wish her all the best.
     I won’t be returning to that office because it is 4 hours away from Marie’s house.  I’ll need to see someone else for my follow-up visits.

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