This post will be the final “catch up” post…henceforth will be ‘current’….meaning life in Alaska!!!

The Yukon Territory is the westernmost and smallest of Canada’s 3 federal territories.  It is home to Mount Logan, the 2nd tallest mountain in North America at a little over 19,500 feet…second only to Denali, here in Alaska reaching a summit of over 20,300 feet!!!  We are talking HIGH…WAY up there!!!  Just as a frame of reference…Pikes Peak in the American Rockies stands at a smidge over 14,000 feet.
   Truth be told, our main interest in the Yukon at this point in the journey was that it was the last stretch of crazy roads before we arrived in Alaska!!!  We picked up the Alcan (Alaska-Canada Hwy) there and what an adventure that was!  Anyway, the scenery that we experienced was well worth the insane road conditions…mostly…LOL
   The pics will give you an idea of what the journey through the Yukon was like for us.  Enjoy!  See ya soon at the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry…our home for the summer.

OMG…we laughed so hard…
a traffic light in the middle of
the mountains!!!

The roads were extremely dry….we actually
saw a few water spraying trucks along the way

Mama Grizzly and her cubs out for a stroll…
today’s lesson – Look both ways little ones

There they go…could they be any cuter???

What a shot!  A Man-Bear stare down!!!

The contrast was spectacular…lush green…

…nearly barren rock

OK…I have no clue!  But it’s pretty cool!!!

Many a winding road…

Unbelievable!!!  He is either really motivated or really crazy!

Me and Mr. Moose

Mountain lake…most are glacier fed

Carl and an awesome bridge

One of the villages in
Yukon – home to about 450

This incredible art was on display at
the Visitor’s Center

This adorable critter greeted us!

One of my absolute favorite sites

Blurry, but in French…lol

One of the pull offs where we spent a night-
each of the 7 nights offered a new and
spectacular vista
Oh. Yeah!

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