YES… a few more days…a few more states…getting closer!  More fun in the pool, of course!  We made a quick Walmart stop and Cameron bought a few awesome little cars/vehicles…yeah!  At the campground in Kentucky, Mr. Kenny took a liking to us and gifted us with several things.  We got an extendable back scratcher, a rubber ducky that squirts water, and a cool bottle opener!  Cameron really liked him.
   We crossed the Illinois border and our GPS voice welcomed us.  About 45 seconds later, she welcomed us into Missouri…it was hysterical!  Cameron was excited to cross the Mississippi River! We stopped to stretch and ate at a Cracker Barrel…yum!  We also saw several fawn on our drive.
   The campground in MO was awesome…Cameron played air hockey with some kids and then we played several games of pool together.  I was totally impressed with his skills!!!  Go, Cameron…and Mommy for taking him with her and teaching him when she was on a league…it payed off!  The pool was great!  Tons of kids!  Cameron met another new friend named Hunter.  They played for a good long time.  Hunter even gave Cameron a few pool basketball tips! Cameron got some fabulous ‘run, shoot and jump in the pool’ practice, too. Cameron was able to swim across the pool…about 25-30 feet…a new record for distance…GO, Cameron!  Woo! Hoo!
    After most of the kids left the pool, there was a mom with her 4 year old son playing.  The little guy had those huge puffy ‘swimmies’ on his arms and a floatation device around his middle…he could barely walk…lol.  His mom was encouraging him to jump into her arms in the pool.  He was hesitant, so Cameron stood next to him and jumped in a few times.  Then the little boy jumped to his mom as Cameron jumped. This went on for quite awhile.  It was so cute…especially when the little boy wouldn’t jump until Cameron was there by his side!  So fun!
     Today seemed like a forever on the road kind of drive, but we both managed to ‘keep our cool’…go, us!!!  It was also 92 degrees at bedtime…no air in the van…just a small fan…yikes!   We did it though and we still love each other…whew…lol

Cameron ready for a new pool experience…YES!

Wake up, sleepyhead!

Hair-do…complying with the law
of gravity…lol

Cameron looking a lot like “Yoda”
from Star Wars with those goggle straps!!!

Cameron with the little ‘jumper’

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