Hello Everyone!
Due to a long laundry list of technical issues over the past 6 days that can’t be remedied until I get into Alaska on the 23rd which is 7 more days…I will not be posting.
Lost 300 pictures (from Salt Lake City, Utah to the northern Idaho) in a swap from my old phone to a new phone, then discovered the new phone is a ‘factory reject’ for lack of a better term that won’t recognize any of the pictures I have taken while in Canada…making it impossible for me to upload them onto the computer…OMG…!!!
That coupled with very sporadic internet service…well, you get the idea…LOL
Soooo, I’m keeping an extensive journal of all we see and do and our impressions and will get back to it ASAP!
***I will say this though…having been in Canada (British Columbia) for 5 days now…it is not only a spectacularly gorgeous country but every single person whose path we have crossed has been absolutely delightful from salespersons to mechanics to strangers in the park.

Hang in there with me….I WILL be back with gobs of goodies to share!

Have a wonderful week!


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