Morning has broken!  The mechanic said the repairs would take all day…for us to come back around 5:00.  Ok, then!  We took the car into the small town and hung out a the Dragonfly Cafe for a few hours, chatting, snacking, coffee, chai, phone and laptop fun, etc.

Dragonfly Cafe

 Then we got wind of a waterfall within 30 miles.  Waterfall….oh, yeah!  It was a beautiful day…clear skies, a light breeze…just perfect!  We arrived at Cottonwood Falls Park in Nelson, BC just after lunchtime.  It was a great park with a small yet lovely Japanese Garden and lots of folks milling about talking and laughing and walking their pups.  Around the bend was a short but fabulous booming cascade!

A walkway took us alongside the rushing waters and the closer we got to the action the sweeter the tickling mist became.  We climbed down boulders and sat close to the ‘thunder’.  It was music to my ears and through me flowed a sense of peace, especially after the previous night’s fiasco!

Check out the rays of sun through the
mist of the falls!

    The shade began to chill us, so we returned to higher ground to warm ourselves in the sun.  I noticed a man donned in biking attire standing next to a well-equipped bike and he was engaged in a very spirited conversation.  I watched on and off until the second man walked away and I approached the biker.  Bright Spot – As it turned out, he was at the forefront of a cross country trek on his bike!  
Patrick, going by PAZ (purpose and zeal), began his journey in Chilliwack, rode to the westernmost town of Tofino, and now he is headed to the Atlantic Ocean!  He plans to cycle 50-70 miles each day on an $11/day budget.  He referred to this journey as one of healing for himself and others. The PURPOSE is to have a positive impact on the homeless.  He is raising money as well as support countrywide to build a therapeutic community for the homeless with a focus on the indigenous people.  Hopefully this community will be developed in Winnipeg, Manitoba (central Canada just north of Grand Fork, ND, USA).  PAZ envisions tiny homes, eco greenhouses, gardens and support systems throughout.
Why is he doing this?  His philosophy is: By offering unconditional love, compassion and kindness to those in need, we validate their value as human beings thus setting into motion miracle after miracle.  We ultimately benefit ourselves.  It’s a win-win for sure!
A smile, a pat on the back, words of encouragement, a few dollars, a small meal, a warm place out of the cold, a story of camaraderie, a open ear…it all counts!  He wants to encourage the homeless to ‘step into their personal challenge’.  It is only then that they can create the positive change that ensures physical, mental, social and spiritual growth.  Honesty and acceptance regarding where we are at any given point gives us the clarity and oftentimes permission to move ahead.  A certain drive to become our best selves replaces any sense of hopelessness that may have been holding us back.
PAZ’s goal…to be a living testament to the words above, his heroism toward others will become others’ heroism toward themselves.

Patrick (PAZ)
He is holding a small urn with
the ashes of his grandmother,
Dolores, who was 104 when she passed.
His bike is named after his
grandfather, BERT.
He loves that he is able to
travel with 2 of his favorite people!!!

The ZEAL refers to his attitude while traversing summits as high as 6,000′, valleys and bustling cities.  He is experiencing great healing himself as he continues on his journey.  Being on an $11/day budget, having aching limbs and dealing with weather changes – he finds himself, on occasion, needing to be humble and ask for assistance from strangers.  His deep seated resistance to this act is gradually waning as he realizes that it is only physically that he proceeds on this journey alone.  If not for the hospitality of those along his path, he would surely fail.
PAZ began his healing journey on March 22, 2016.  At the time of this writing, his plan is to reach the East Coast and return to this area (Nelson, BC) for the winter months then continue on to the West Coast (Chilliwack) by March 22, 2017.  Patrick started out as a pediatric nurse and changed gears a bit to chiropractics…both fueled by his love of helping others.

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