Well, here I am in Tucumcari, NM at a campsite that has Betty Boop at the entrance!!!   Gotta love it!
It has been a very eventful first night!  I have neighbors that are 17 year veterans at full-timing it.  Dutch and Sherri.  They have a HUGE Ford E350 truck that is hauling a 41 foot rig with 3 slides and a 10 foot GARAGE attached…housing their motorcycles!!!  Van-Go looks like a thumbnail in comparison…lol
   Oh, and I almost blew up my water tank this evening.  The gadget that I thought was the water pressure gauge was nothing more than a filter.  After about 15 minutes of chatting with the neighbors, I got into the van and noticed that my sofa was elevated!!!  I pulled it up further to find that my water tank was BULGING!!!  I quickly turned off the valve that allows site water in.  Then I went to the source and began to unscrew the hose…I GOT SOAKED!!!  I forgot to turn the spigot off…omg!  With flashlight in hand, I headed for the office!  The wonderful security man followed me back and saved me…good thing my self esteem was in tact prior to this ‘near disaster’!
BRIGHT SPOT – At the diner (Rockin’ Y’s Roadhouse) where I got a salad before entering the RV park, I was able to discover my first bit of traveling good news.  One of the women that owns the restaurant also works at Mesalands Community College here in town and was extremely proud to share several facts about it.
1-world class wind energy technology
2-only CC in the nation with its own turbine
3-has a bronze foundry
4-only paleontology program where Freshman and Sophomores are allowed to do their own digging
5-AND they have a Dinosaur Museum on the campus housing all student-found bones

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