Week 1 is under my belt!  I’ve experienced much more than I can include here, but I’d like to share some highlights!
Surprises:  I can live very comfortably with less water, electricity, auditory stimuli, food, changes of clothes                      and space.
                 Being flexible regarding…..EVERYTHING is not only key…but FUN!
                 Choosing joy is easier than I thought.
                 I have remembered all the pre ‘start your engine’ steps!
                 I can function without mascara…LOL
Gratitudes: RV-ers are a wonderful group of human beings always willing to help and share experiences.
                 My sense of calm and acceptance
                 Hot showers at campsites
                 Opportunities to spend time with terrific people.
                 Van-Go is a happy camper…LOL
My personal Bright Spots:
   1-Yesterday morning, for some reason at the campground shower, uncharacteristically, I “needed” to brush my teeth BEFORE my shower!  When I went to dry my hands on my towel…it wasn’t there!  I had left it in the van.  So glad I hadn’t showered first…and realized there was no towel!
   2-My daughter over-nighted some travel cards to me so I could share them with folks.
Bright Spots:
Colorado Springs-Jessica and the team at the IHOP on Lake Ave. wants to give a “Big Colorado” THANK YOU to all of our armed forces.  I’d like to add mine as well!
Big Springs, Nebraska-Aja was so excited to be able to see her 3 year old niece and to stay the entire time at her birthday party for the first time!  It was a toss-up whether she or the birthday girl was happier about it!

***Due to a campsite reservation mix-up, I’m spending the night at a Motel 6….woo hoo!  I feel a bubble bath coming on…LOL

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