Multi-colored trunk…
like a rainbow!


     As we headed to the Keys, we began our journey through the Everglades.  I was so excited…always wanted to experience them for whatever reason.  Here’s a shot I took from the road.



     Continuing on our way to the Keys, we spent 3 nights in the Homestead area near Miami.  Our residence for that time was at a Home Depot!!!  It’s amazing to me how many people need what they offer at 7:00 on a Sunday morning…LOL

    The main place we went to while there was the Wildlife Reserve.  It was great!  One of the employees told us how private citizens actually purchase animals like alligators, tiger cubs and the like only to realize at some point that it was a BAD idea!!!!  Fortunately for these critters, places like this are around to take over when the original owners reach the point of needing to get rid of their “pet.”  There are also a great many animals that are rehabilitated form some type of injury and either released back into their natural habitat or given a home at the rescue…especially if the injury was too severe to allow them to survive in the wild.
     It was fun to see so many animals up close and personal…being loved and cared for!  Even better than a zoo!   I captured a few good shots…enjoy!

Are these not the cutest zebra ears ever???
LOL  He just didn’t want his picture taken,
I guess?!

A small gathering of friends for dinner

Hello out there!  Can you see me?  I’m down here!
Thanks for all your help!

Uh-oh!  This doesn’t look good!

Carl had to give them a good talkin to
after that display of hostility…lol

WHAT are you looking at?

Hey, what’s going on over there?  Why
weren’t we invited?


That bear had the right idea!

Lazy day at the Gator Pool

Oh my!  Sorry, didn’t mean to watch!

This guy had his mouth wide open the whole
hour or so that we were there…a little scary!


This cat was staring at pygmy alligator
in the next enclosure

Some vintage alligator
skin items

Ma!  There’s a snake in the laundry tub!
No more excuses Billy.  Put that load in.
Ok, if you say so……..LOL


I can do it!  I can do it!

Ok, this one freaked me out a little…really?

Sunshine…on my feathers…makes me sleepy…LOL

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