How often do ya see this?!

Carnival cruise ship just pulled in

Turn onto US 1…are you kidding?  LOL

Coconut cart

I don’t even know!

Lobster trap tree…very cool

Oh, yeah!!!!

I took this t-shirt picture in honor
of my son Matthew…it brought back
memories of his childhood.

Brilliant sign!

Love it!

This pic I took to give my friend Alorah
a little chuckle

One of MANY!

Found me a coconut…lol 

Zoom in…I think it’ll be
clear enough to read…it’s
pretty awesome!

Of course, we had to get a
picture of us under the
Kapok Tree
Such tourists!!!!  lol

 Sights to behold all over town!  From the famous Kapok Tree to roosters on the loose, we saw some very cool things over the 4 days we spent in Key West.  Since there is little connection between them, I’ll simply caption the ones that may need it.  Heading north tomorrow!

Route 1 which goes from here all the
way to Fort Kent, ME
It’s the longest N-S route in the country
at 2,377 miles!

STARBUCKS…nice store front..woohoo!

Lovely holiday decorations

Bear with me…I had a blast shooting
pretty and unusual plants and flowers

It’s a toss-up for most muscular
for sure…lol

In the middle of town-
we were told that visitors
created this…pretty cool





Sample of architecture

Unusual cactus variety…
tight curls…neat!


Love the turret

Old time theater


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