WOW!  Twenty months into my adventure and 199 posts later, here I sit in Key West, Florida feeling blessed beyond measure and still filled with the unbounded wonderment as I did on day 1!!!
Every day I awake with a sense of gratitude in my heart for the gift of being able to travel at will.           This adventure has been fraught with joyous moments, powerful lessons, amazing surprises, golden opportunities, spectacular vistas, unexpected ‘setbacks’, bright faces, beautiful spirits, new friends and the comfort of knowing I am loved and have others TO love!  I can’t imagine what more I could ask for in this life.
     A couple of big “changes” in my original plan were my scooter accident resulting in a fractured calcaneus (heel of my left foot) setting my travel back by 4 months.  This ‘setback’ however, led me to be at a campground in a place I would not have otherwise been where I met the second “change” in my plans…Carl.  A bit mind boggling how such chains of events occur, isn’t it?  So now, my foot is doing pretty well (not exactly finished healing, but enough to wear a few pairs of shoes and hike a bit) and I am now continuing my USA tour with my partner in crime…LOL!!!  And having a wonderful time!  Finally, my son Matthew also got married…congrats to him and Adam!!!
     What tomorrow or next week might bring…who knows for sure?  But I am not concerned, because right now is beautiful and right now is all I have.  For this moment, I have such a deep appreciation …beyond mere words.
      It is my intention that you continue to join us on our journey into the unknown and enjoy the stories and pictures of our adventure and those of our Bright Spots.
     Have a peaceful holiday season and remember to acknowledge your blessings every single day.

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