An egret with his eye on a snack

Friends around the campfire

Volunteers’ Happy Hour

Passing around gifts to the story, “Twas
the Night Before Christmas”  Every time
the reader says THE you pass what you are
holding.  At the end, you get what you have!
It was a riot!

One of the humongous puppies I met

Probably the sweetest shot I got the
whole 6 weeks I was at the park.

Sunday after potluck, the start
of the weekly games
of Pegs & Jokers was underway. It was
new to me, but once you get the hang of
it, it’s a blast! 

This is “jammin'”, my new ride!

Of course, I needed to decorate her!!!

Leo, a ‘household’ name at Myakka,
celebrated his 85th birthday during
my stay…I felt honored to be part of
it.  What a sweetheart!

I finally got to take an air boat ride

Gators alongside the river

The air boat

Well, we’re hooked up and ready to
travel together!  Oh boy…no more U-turns!
Guess I better pay attention!!!

BRIGHT SPOT –  I was in the drive-through line at a Starbuck’s when I noticed a sign…First Watch.  It was a restaurant connected to the Starbuck’s.  It looked interesting and I wasn’t in a hurry, so I got out of line and parked the car.  Inside there was the usual set up with tables and chairs.  Then there was a long pub height table that seated 10.  I hopped up on the last available chair across from a young man and began to check out the menu.  It wasn’t long before we got to talking.  Trey, 21, from Florida, was feeling pretty good that morning.  He had just gotten his own boat!  He is a second generation fishing guide!  He goes out about 7 miles from shore in Sarasota Bay as well as staying close to shore.  Trey told me that he always knew he wanted to guide….I guess it’s in the family blood!  He was in the Army for awhile stationed at Fort Hood.  At one point as a result of some horrific experiences, he was diagnosed with depression.  Trey made a personal choice not to take the medication prescribed which lead to him being discharged early.  He wanted to work things out without the pharmaceuticals.  He has succeeded in his endeavor and is doing great!!!  When he is not working, Trey loves to race motorcycles and hunt.   I am grateful to First Watch for having such a terrific “make new friends” set up in their restaurant which lead me to meet Trey.  Good luck and God bless, Trey!  Thank you for sharing a little piece of your life with me.

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