I arrived at my cousin Chris’s house around 2:30 ish on Friday.  It was so great to see him
again!  We figured that it just may have
been 47 years since we were together!  We
were 12 and 14!  When we saw each other
though, it was like we had never been apart!

     He and I and his wife Carol talked and talked and laughed
for hours!  Then we all jumped in Chris’s
truck and went to Food Truck Friday to get some grub!  Several food trucks were lined up on the lot
by a park selling a variety of culinary treats! 
It was a blast….and I was absolutely amazed at how wonderful the food
was.  We went back to the house and ate
and talked some more!

450 year anniversary

Chris and Carol

Surrounded by ‘hunks’!

      In the morning, after Chris fixed us a scrumptious breakfast,
we all drove into old town St. Augustine! 
What a beautiful town!  The
architecture was gorgeous!  There is such
history there as it is the oldest city in the country!

When this went from a Woolworth’s
to a jewelry store, they kept one of the
original doors!!!

There was dancing and chanting in the streets…
Indian Festival Day

The oldest wooden schoolhouse in the

Original brick peaking through

Fabulous designs in the bricks

     We had a terrific day there.  We even toured a ‘near exact’ replica of a
Spanish Galeon (cargo) ship.  The
restaurant where we had lunch had trap doors along the window sills that you
can throw bread pieces through into the water for the fish and the
seagulls!  They actually bring you a
basket of bread for that specific purpose…pumpernickel!

The 3 Musketeers…lol

Scary pirate…lol

Cargo area

“Popeye” Chris

Trap door and bread

Seagull making its way to the watery snack

The Galeon cargo ship

     Chris played his drums for me after we returned!  I have always loved drums and sitting in the
room with him was ecstatic for me!  I
could feel the vibration of the music through the wall and the floor and even
in the air.  It was almost surreal!    I
hope I can convince him to play for me again before I leave!

“Man – 0 – War”

“Just one more kiss, then I’ll be on my way…promise!”

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