I made an early morning fire yesterday and had my chai and quiet time there.  The warmth of the dancing flames, the chirping of the birds, and the gentle breeze made for a perfect beginning of the day.
    After my shower and breakfast, I walked up to the office to get eggs and fire starters and got to talking to Lisa.  She asked if I’d like to update the Campground Events board for the 2014 season and if I wanted to help her plant some flowers around the grounds at the water stations.  She didn’t have to ask me twice…two of my favorite things to do!  I got a hold of her markers and off I went to create a simple, whimsical board for the office!  A little later, she drove by on her cart with flowers, a huge watering can, and tools in tow.  I hopped in and we went to most sites along the main road and planted the forget-me-nots!  It was so much fun.  Just a little color really made a difference in the otherwise monotone (brown) metal rings filled with dirt!  They look great!  I’m sure the campers will enjoy them. The place will be pretty packed starting tonight due to the Memorial Day weekend!
    Bright Spot– Ann and Mark invited me to join them for dinner…amazing chili-cheese dogs, beans, pasta with artichokes and wine spritzers!  We had a great time.  Leah and Emma were great fun to be around too…they are so funny!
                                                        ENJOY THE DANCE OF THE FLAMES

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