I arrived in Maryland safe and sound after a crazy trip through Washington DC at 4:45pm on a Friday.  Knowing that my GPS didn’t turn on me…thanks to my son who I called in a panic…was very reassuring as I depend greatly on her directions.
   Once I finally got into town I called my daughter and we met up at the Bull on the Beach restaurant for a drink to celebrate.  Megan’s brother got married earlier that day!!!  That was fun…I got to meet some new people!
   The next day I worked my way through a Walmart on a Saturday 11 days before Christmas….what was I thinking???!!!  I went up aisle after aisle and could not find one particular thing that I was looking for…it was very frustrating…until I found Susan!  Bright Spot –    Not only did she help me find what I wanted, but when I thanked her and wished her a Merry Christmas, she announced that it was already a wonderful holiday because at 3:45am her youngest son’s first child was born!!!  Jack arrived yesterday weighing in at 7lbs. 1.5oz.  Mom, Tiffany…Dad, Bryan and big sister, Ry (age 3) are thrilled!  Susan, the proud grandmother, pulled out her phone to show me this beautiful addition to the world!  I asked if I could take a pic of her pic…lol  She said YES! So here he is everyone.  Join me in congratulating the family and welcoming Jack!

Jack Harrison

Jack and mommy

Welcome Jack!!!

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