A wonderful program…apparently this is
not the FIRST such event in Savannah!

Fun take-off on the Dr. Seuss…Thing 1 and Thing 2
I saw several groups wearing these!

Green is the only logical choice!!! LOL

Yummy!  Do you know that
they had carob treats for dogs,
but not for people…bummer!

This place had only ‘old school’ stuff

The streets all looked cool like this

“Free beads with purchase”
They were ALL green when I got them!

The missing green on some of the beads…

 I drove into downtown Savannah on the Breeze to check out the area and get a sense of where the parade route and my bleacher seats were.  I succeeded in all 3 things on my list AND got to experience River St. psyching up for the big day.

Seems to be the overall theme…lol

The Savannah River

I laughed out loud at the name of this place…
the other entrance canopy says, ‘Fanny’s
Your Aunt’

This artist was demonstrating how to
weave using sweet grass.  It was awesome.

Radio station

Green water!

Holiday duds and photo op set-up…
don’t know which is cuter!

Love the sign!

Wow!  This is truly a St. Patrick’s Day town.  I found out that there will be thousands and thousands of onlookers on Tuesday morning as this is the second largest St. Pat’s Day parade in the WORLD!  Second ONLY to Ireland!  I suppose that is why there was a record number of law enforcement officers, vehicles and stations throughout the 1 square mile of historic Savannah today.  A couple I talked to said that Saturday night, you couldn’t see the ground for all the people that were there partying!  Sounds like an extreme event!  I’ll be hopping back on the shuttle bus right after the parade on Tuesday!!!  I prefer to avoid the kind of “celebrating” that is sure to take place.  My thoughts will be focused on the safety of all the participants there…from the campground 20 miles away!
Here are some interesting sites that crossed paths with my vision:

I must admit…this cracked me up!

The cutest apple pie ever!!!!
Homemade at one of the country

Along River St.

Green fountain water

Mini brewery at your disposal!

WOW!  He lasted until 2 seconds before
the record time!!!

Sightseeing boat

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