I met a new friend through family and we instantly hit it off.   She invited me to stay at her home for the weekend and we had a blast.  A few highlights for us were morning walks, a birthday dinner for her sister at Sakuras, a visit to the MD Line Tractor Show, finishing each others’ sentences, saying the same thing at the same time, finding out that we have a ton of things in common and on and on!  It was such a fun and fabulous weekend…we’re planning to do it again in a few weeks!!!

Alana’s backyard “thief”!
He thinks he’s a bird…lol

My breakfast…fit for a queen!

Tractor show

Tom & FRED!
The FIRST Bright Spot

I almost caught the shrimp
in my mouth in mid air!

My new friend, Alana & me at dinner

I even discovered a Bright Spot at one of our outings!
   Mr. Tom Griegor and his puppet pal, Fred have been participating in local parades for the past 20+ years

primarily to make people laugh!!! Tom restores tractors for a living.  He services areas such as New Freedom, Stewartstown and Shrewsberry, PA.  He truly seems to enjoy his career, but his partnership with Fred puts a huge smile on his face.  They are a real team!!!

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