Well, Christmas did arrive right on time!  Laughter, gifts, wrapping paper, food, friends, family and so much more…including a delightful head cold just for me!  LOL    It has been wonderful being home with my family this year!   No pics of my oldest yet…soon though.

Washington monument
lit for the holidays…
morning walk with
Matthew and my
granddog, Canon

Santa was here!

Loki opening her present

Leon opening his

Megan, hot peppers and Leon…lol

Gia…staying safe!!!

Rachel and her new shades

My Christmas socks

Caught in the act!

Gia…free to roll in the wrappings
…the pups are upstairs

You’re never too old to get toys
from Santa!

Nicole and Jesse

My grandson, Cameron…showing off
 his first lost tooth

Rachel and me

Nicole and me…check out the
background…go Tanya

My adorable sister with stolen shades
AND stolen boxhelmet…LOL

Waste not, want not…way to recycle
that tissue paper!

An unexpected guest lovin’
the holiday biscuit!

Mine and Cameron’s awesome
fort for our sleepover

Out to dinner with Grammy at
the end of our
‘hanging out’ day!



      A new year is upon us.  There will be resolutions…kept and broken.  There will be reflections…deep and shallow.  The future…the past.   Which is more important?  I suggest…neither.  My favorite New Year’s…actually anytime…movie is The Peaceful Warrior.   It refreshes my spirit and reminds me that the moment I’m in at any point in time is the only one that matters.  I recommend it whole heartedly.
     May your New Year be filled with a zillion amazing “right nows”!

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