Valentine’s Day…February 14th…biggest flower sale day of the entire year!!!  This day is set aside to celebrate LOVE.  A nice, but limiting concept!  I may get Boo-ed for my thoughts on the over emphasis of this day, but a girl’s gotta say what a girl’s feelin’!
   Celebrating love is actually a fabulous idea…I say we do it EVERY DAY though!  Skip the chocolates and flowers and the fancy dinners!  Whether your special love is your pet, your spouse, your parent, your child, your coworker, your postal carrier or…YOURSELF…BE LOVE for that person every chance you get…daily when possible!
   A kind word, a bright smile, a gentle touch, a favor, a welcoming glance…all go a long way in the expression of love.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we felt a genuine love on a consistent and continuous basis for our lives and those around us that we wouldn’t need to remind them once a year?!
   I’m really not dissing the Valentine’s Day thing…I’m just suggesting that we all remember that it is love’s journey that makes life so rich…the spontaneous little things that say “I love you”, “I care”, and “I’m grateful that you are in my life”!  Deliver an expression and you won’t need to make an impression.
   Be a Valentine any day, everyday!  Next Thursday, the Saturday after you get a haircut in May, half way through dinner one day in July…RIGHT NOW perhaps!!!
   Let me be the first to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Life…


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