Friday, the 31st, we went exploring in Henlopen State Park!  We climbed a WWII observation tower within the parameters of Fort Miles Historic Area.  The view was fabulous…I love being above the treeline.  The Seaside Nature Center housed displays of many lifeforms that inhabit the area.  My favorite was the skin shed by a Hognose snake…I took a pic!  Releasing all old “stuff” that doesn’t serve a creature anymore….what a delightful concept!  Another good example set for us by nature.  🙂
    A Touch of Italy Restaurant fed us quite well after a day of hiking…yum yum!

Fort Miles
Observation tower

WW II cannon

Dogfish shark

The former “Mr. Hognose”
A doe snacking in the Great Dunes

View from the tower…Atlantic Ocean
in the background


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