This was my first adventure without a tour guide…lol  So little traffic headed north…it was great!
First stop was Solon…where I was able to get some fabulous pics of the bubbling dam and walk along the old railroad to see the smooth side of the dam.  Even the bridge across the dam was cool!  In addition to photo ops, it was a nice spot to just “be” for awhile!

The wild side starts

The calm side

The wild side continues

The bridge

     Next stop was lunch at Kennebec River Pub in The Forks on my way to Moxie Falls.  I bet that place is hopping in warmer weather…they had an outside bar/restaurant complete with hot tub!  Then I headed off to the falls…wow!  The mile hike in was as much fun as actually arriving.  The twisting and turning leaf covered pathways were beautiful.  In my next blog, I’ll be posting pictures of nothing but a variety of paths.  They have become my new favorite thing to capture on film!  This particular waterfalls can be traced quite a ways down a meandering stream before the drop.

Moxie-the beginning

Moxie-the middle

Moxie Falls

This portion of the falls was, for me, at least as incredible as the falls itself.  I sat for quite awhile at the top of the falls with closed eyes listening to the spray, rushing and pounding sounds of the water.   I may have even drifted off into a quieter place for a little while.  It was wonderful.

     I decided not to venture to the Canadian border this trip (only 67 miles farther) because I had missed a billboard stating that Bingham, ME was exactly half way between the equator and the north pole!  THIS I wanted a picture of!!!

  So I headed back the way I came along Rte 201 and stopped for gas at Griswold Country Store.  Not only did I get full service from a lovely young woman, but the pump must have dated back 50+ years!  I decided to grab a bite and work on my blog because they actually had incredible internet service!  It was very exciting! Bright Spot-There is where I met Josh. He was my waiter extraordinaire!  I like the way he thinks…when I asked if he minded that I hung out awhile to write my blog post, he said, “Of course not, the longer you sit there, the longer it will be before I need to clear off the table.”   I was thinking that he might be a good candidate for a happy story and indeed he was.


 Josh graduated recently from the University of Maine at Farmington.  He had not had much experience living out in the ‘world of adults’ up until then.  Well, he has jumped in with both feet.  He has a job, his own apartment AND two weeks ago made his first major purchase!  He and his boyfriend Stephen bought a gold colored 12 year old Pontiac Grand Am and it’s running great!  And the co-ownership has been a very rewarding financial experience!  I say ‘hats off to you’ and good luck with all of your future decisions!!!
    Oh, did I mention that Melanie had to come rescue me after my day out because I missed a turn and got a bit lost in the dark???  Thanks, Mel!

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