Heading back to Maryland for the holidays, I wanted to have a good breakfast because I planned to drive until I couldn’t drive anymore before I stopped to sleep.  I must have missed at least three exits with a restaurant I recognized…I was singing to the radio…oops!  I turned the radio off and decided to stop at the very next exit with gas and food!  Of course, I ended up at the absolute PERFECT spot.
    I filled up Van-Go’s tank then I went into Denny’s to fill up mine…lol  There was a little confusion regarding my breakfast and the general manager came over to my booth and she made things right. She was so pleasant and I was thinking that it was very considerate of her to do what she did.  I thanked her and didn’t think much more about it.  After I paid my for my meal, I stopped in the ladies’ room to wash my hands and ran into the manager again.


 Bright Spot – Christy asked if everything was okay and wished me a happy holiday.  There was something light and cheerful in her voice and a smile in her eyes.  I asked her if she had a second and I told her about my adventure to see if she wanted to share anything for my happy news segment.   She lit up in seconds and she told me that if she had been given the opportunity to hand-pick every detail of her life so that it would be perfect, she could not have done any better than what her life actually was!   Her husband, her son, her job…was exactly what she would have wanted.  “I am so happy with my life”.   What a beautiful spirit!  We hugged and went out into the dining room so I could take her picture.  We exchanged Merry Christmas greetings and I left feeling very grateful that I missed those other exits!!!

PS-Thanks Christy for the great gas prices tip…I needed gas just as I approached 104 in Virginia!!!

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