This is what I did…

This is where I did it!

WOW…how cool was this?!
She turned several times in order to
catch the wind just right for making

There goes another one!

Our third day in town was great fun.  I ate my very first oyster on the half shell!  Not raw though…it was char-grilled and I got to chew it!  We saw humongous bubbles being created in the street…I was ecstatic!  There was more street music…only got one shot though.  Bud and I stopped in a shop filled with Mardi Gras masks and the colors and craftsmanship was truly impressive.  We didn’t buy a mask, but I did get another bday gift…a beautiful pair of multi-metal and purple handcrafted earrings!

So much fun!

Just walking in was like a visual explosion

These are all hand carved leather

Boy, this pic doesn’t even come close
to doing these works of art justice!

These were crafted in Venice, Italy

The Lake Ponchartrain causeway at dusk
These kids were really good

Us having fun in the city

On our way out of town, we slipped into a bar and played a couple games of pool.  Not bragging or anything, but I did win the first game.  LOL  THEN, I was totally intimidated the second game when Bud broke and then sunk 6 balls in a row!!!  Every time I attempted a shot after that, whether I made it or not, I left Bud in a horrendous position to get his last ball in…oops, sorry!!!  But he finally did and won!!!  There was much laughter in the air over that one!!!
     Before we left for town, we took a walk around the pond at the campground…very nice!

 Finally, and I think we might have done this yesterday, but nonetheless…we teamed up to design and implement the most hideous rain cover known to man to protect the contents in my screen room from  the ensuing storm…OMG…what a riot!  And so it goes…Duct tape DOES solve everything!!!  And after the downpour, the inside of the screen room was bone dry!!!


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