IT’S MY BIRTHDAY DAY…January 17th!!!  Yippee!  I love birthdays..anybody’s birthday!!!  But especially mine..teehee!  And what a wonderful day it was!  It started out nice and slow and easy with quiet time, readings and lovely chanting music.  Then after brunch at the Cafe, we went bike riding around Abita Springs.  We made a pit stop at the Mystery House.

After brunch, my “wanderer” went outside
to  wait for me while I finished my tea.
Here he is poking a huge ant house…gotta love it!

This is where Bud’s new friend lives…

He named her “Omelet”…how sweet…
giving credit where credit is due!!!

I loved this take off on the ‘…for Dummies’
series…pretty clever

Part of our biking trail

A creature in the Mystery House yard

The creek under the bridge we rode over

There he goes again with the sneaky
candid shots

Ah-ha!  What goes around…hahaha!

It’s Beethoven Bud!

Wall of glass bottles

Wall of beautiful glass shards

Turtle pool!

I took a picture of this plate
 because we were in Louisiana, of course…
there were hundreds of license
plates on the ceilings and walls and floors.
While I was editing pics for this post, I
looked at this plate and it seemed more
interesting to me than it had at first.
For whatever reason, I added up the numbers
AND then added the numbers of my birth date
AND, guess what?!  They both equaled 29
 and in numerology that equals an 11 which
is my life path number!!!!
I’m pretty sure none of it really means
anything, but it’s totally weird
and quirky and fun!

Happy Bud who found a left hand

A ‘rubber hand’ high five…OMG!

      I had been there before, but I knew Bud would get a kick out of it, so in we went.  Well, we spent almost as much time in the gift shop as we did going through the museum!!!  It’s a really fun and funky little place.  Bud saw a bucket of rubber hands and feet and of course he was mesmerized…lol  (He collects fun things for his “grandkids drawer” at home)  Noticing that there were only right feet and hands at first, we had to search the bucket until we found lefts!  Now that he had 2 complete sets, Bud was a happy man!  And what fun we had playing with them!

I made sure to wear something to dinner
with purple in it so I could wear my
lovely birthday present earrings

Happy Judi on her birthday

Awesome silly selfie!

Doesn’t this look like Bud is holding
a bright light lollipop?

Our dinner venue

Happy birthday to me!


      After our bike ride, we headed back to the cottage, showered, and went into the little town of Covington for dinner.  Copeland’s was a great seafood restaurant…it came recommended to me by a camper at my previous campground who lived in that area for many years.  Dinner was delicious and when we left, we had a great time taking silly selfies in the parking lot.  How many selfies do you have to take to get one decent one…OMG!  You should have seen the other dozen!
     The next day was short as Bud had to be at the airport by 2:00…breakfast and a quick perusal of a nautical museum and then our good-byes.  Thank you, Bud, for such a memorable long birthday weekend!  We will visit again at the end of February for our two week trip to Ecuador!  Oh yeah!!!

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