I love it when adventures have adventures!!!  The plan to drive Marie to Lubbock to get the van out on the open road was elaborated upon when I ended up staying overnight at the campsite at Palo Dura Canyon Sunday night instead of heading back to ABQ!  With nothing but a blanket, a few bottles of water and a one serving container of Special K, “Flutterby” (the new official name for the van) and I honkered down approximately 800 feet into the canyon surrounded by about 100 Boy scouts!!!  What a hoot!
   She gets about 15 mpg…pretty good for an old gal and drives like a dream!  I love being up so high when driving…I feel tall!!!  Here’s a few pictures…
At some point, I’m sure I’ll learn how to line them up better…LOL

Crankin up the awning!
Housewarming gift from the Vantastic Team

My upper bunk (loft) sleeping quarters
Just got plugged in
My amazing surroundings 800′ into Palo Duro Canyon

Flutterby and Marie
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