Even though I was in MD in October for Matthew and Adam’s wedding, it was wonderful to be back again in January.  I was there for my 61st birthday, too!  What a fabulous party!  Thank you my sweet children for all your love, your time and yummy food and to Rachel and Megan for opening your home to us.

My teeny tiny sundae…there’s always
room for ice cream!

   Aside from Carl meeting the kids, etc., I wanted to show him around a little while we were in town.
We hit Fenwick Bakery and had breakfast with my sister and Amy.  Of course, there were marshmallow donut requests from 2 of my offspring that needed to be delivered as well…lol.
Havre de Grace was another beautiful stop.  It was pretty cold, but the ice was gorgeous!  We strolled up and down the promenade taking in the views from the marina to the lighthouse and I was taking pictures, of course!!!


One afternoon, we met up with Matthew downtown at the Harbor and checked out the view from the top of the Trade Center…WOW!  The pics will speak to that experience.  Adam met us after work to have dinner and we did that with great enthusiasm!!!  We feasted at Kona Grill with meals so beautiful, we almost hated to eat them…almost!  LOL

   I also had the opportunity to visit with a few friends who couldn’t come to the party for my birthday.  Vince and I had a wonderful breakfast one morning…always a pleasure.  Dena and I had lunch at Red Brick Station…a long overdue visit.  And my PA BFF and I did a bit of eagle watching at Conowingo Dam…excellent!!!

Ice encircling the tree
and shoreline…it looked
very cool in person

Two beauties

Just couldn’t get close enough to get
a super clear shot, it’s still awesome!
Dena and I at Coldstone’s
AFTER lunch…lol

  Then there was the birthday party!!!  It is hard to put into words how sweet it was to see several dear friends that I hadn’t seen in awhile and spend some time with them.  Friends met new friends and discovered mutual friendships that hadn’t been known before…how cool is that?!  Carl got to meet everyone and he had a great time, too!  Our time in MD was well spent…I GOT MY BIKE, TOO…YIPPEE!!!!!

Romus, Carl, Tom and Carmen

Cameron and my two crazy daughter’s
making goofy faces
Jesse grabbing munchies!

Matthew and Adam
Megan and Rachel

My sista Tanya and me

Tanya making a birthday kiss…and the next 9
pictures are what happens when you ask someone
to get some pictures for you!!!  LOL

A Megan smooch

An Adam smooch

A Rachel smooch

A Nicole smooch

A Cameron smooch

A Jesse smooch with assistance

A Jay smooch with mild coercion

A Loki smooch wanna be

Megan helping me open my gifts…lol

Me and my little Luv Bug

Me, Jesse and Nicole

Sharon and Sherri

Leon after too much

Carmen, me and Sharon…
super buddies from high school 

MY SISTA, the photo-bombing

My little sista and my little girl

Yes…me and Carl

Sherri – me – Sabrina
These lovely ladies at my side knew each
other outside of knowing me and when they saw each
other at my party, they got pretty excited that we ALL
knew each other…such fun!!!

   When the impending blizzard became a real possibility with a prediction of 2-3 FEET, we decided to head out a day early.  We left on a Thursday evening, drove through until 1:30 AMish, slept at a rest area and continued on around 6:30.  Up until then it was smooth sailing…then the sleet and freezing rain joined our journey.  We were driving about 20 on I95 for hours.  The passenger side windshield wiper snapped and went flying off onto the highway somewhere…it was kinda funny…it didn’t seem to hit anyone! So we stopped at a Pilot-Flying ‘J’ to get new blades.  We arrived in NC safe and sound, but that’s the next story!!!



Entire motor home was covered in ice!
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