Wow!  I am finally settled in here in Albuquerque after two moves in 12 days!!!  It has taken a month, but there are absolutely NO boxes anywhere, I have plants that are happily trying to stay alive, and I know where everything is!!!  Yippee!  Woohoo!  Before I continue, I’d like to express my appreciation to those friends of mine from near and far that have supported me in this move in ways so amazing that there are truly no words.  Thank you with all my heart!
    I had a fabulous time setting up house again after 3 years and 3 months of being on the road full time.  Those years left an indelible mark on my heart and soul…a mark of gratitude, amazement, laughter, hard work, trust, surprises, self inquiry, friendships, mishaps, fun, courage, patience, acceptance and love.  Love for life and the opportunities that came my way.  I learned as much, if not more, about myself as I did about this country.  I could go on and on, but I’ll save that story for my book!
     So back to my new home….here…it….is!!!

Living room view to patio

A fun little project


LR – had to have a ‘water’ wall
being in a land-locked state


LR at entrance to the hallway to other

More fun projects


Corner of my
Creativity/Inspiration room

C/I room where I ponder and read and write 

C/I room – sewing, crafts and…clearly
where I am in the process of organizing
a bunch of paperwork


Yet another fun project

And another…I have a ton of
beads from when I was making

Dining room



MBR – meditation nook

MBR – library

MBR – door to the hallway-
wanted a tree …lol

MBR – nite-nite space
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    1. I'm a bit tardy in replying to your comment…sorry! Thank you for your kind words. I do love to round up things that speak to me and then see how they will work together. Have an amazing day!

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