Wasilla is right above Anchorage

  Wow!  You just never know when an opportunity you can’t refuse is gonna show up in your life! Carl and I both get notices from Workers on Wheels.  Every now and again, one of us will check the offerings just for fun, comment then delete the message.  Well………this time it was different.
     We had plans to visit Alaska anyway in July after a long stretch up the Pacific coast and into the northwest region.  When Carl read the details of this gig from Workers on Wheels, we looked at each other and said, “WOW”.  The terms of the job are as follows:
1- 4 days on and 4 days off…to be utilized in any way a couple chooses
2- stay on Alaska Museum of Transportation & Industry’s property with free electric, water and sewer
3- open museum, man the gift shop, clean an occasional bathroom, do a little gardening 10-5
4- dust, vacuum, sweep, mop gallery as needed
5- kitchen, restroom, shower, washer/dryer onsite
6- one other couple will be working the same gig
7- changes in schedules for longer exploration can be worked out
8- length of time…Mother’s Day to Labor Day
     Within 24 hours, our commitment was firm and we spoke to the Executive Director, Sherry Jackson for confirmation!  She sounded wonderful and very welcoming!
    We scrapped our plans from mid-May through June and revamped them to get us to Wasilla by May 23rd and departure about a week past Labor Day.  Soooo, we have another couple of weeks in Louisiana, a month in Texas, a week each in NM and AZ, then we become focused solely on our journey north to Alaska.   Wasilla is about 75 miles north of Kenai Peninsula, 40 miles north of Anchorage and 150 miles south of Denali National Park.
     Internet searching will now include ‘bear and moose safety’, ‘wilderness travel’, ‘blackout curtains for motor homes’ , ‘waterfalls’, ‘salmon fishing’, ‘eagle watching’ and the like!!!
     Interestingly enough, we met a couple from Canada at our current campground who gave us a beautiful itinerary for spending some time there on our way back to the states.  Who knows what additional delightfully unexpected turns will come our way on this adventure of ours!
      For right now, we continue to enjoy and be grateful for each and every day of our blessed life!
***If any of you have been to Alaska and would like to share your experiences and/or suggestions, PLEASE leave a comment for us!***

NEXT post, back to Louisiana!

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