FROST…the first morning in NM

On the road toward NM

A teeny tiny post office attached to the
gas station/convenience store where we
stopped to pick up a snack!

The really awesome thing
was that I had post cards to

Being back in New Mexico is always a treat for me having lived there the 4 years before I went on the road.  This visit was especially sweet because I had Carl with me and was able to introduce him to my friends.  I arranged a huge dinner gathering at a restaurant in town so we could all get together…friends could meet Carl and I could see them again even if only for a brief time!  We had a blast…the meals were wonderful and the company spectacular!  The restaurant (Monroe’s) is owned by the son (Matthew) of a dear friend (Nancy, who passed away last summer), so we took a few moments out from our festivities to honor Nancy and speak to the delightfully unique, lighthearted and loving experience we all shared for having known her.  Thanks, Nancy for being a beautiful part of each of our lives!

Dolly, Justin, Susan, Alex hiding, me, Carl
Cora and Suze

Carl eating, me talking to Tracy while making a fajita!

Jean behind me

Christopher, Cora in back, Cindy, Ariana and Tiffany

This time – no Suze – but Alex popped up…lol

Dolly and Pattie

Susan and Lori


       Totally uncharacteristic of my nature…I didn’t take a single picture!  Standing around chatting with the half dozen or so folks still hanging around, it hit me and I wanted to scream!  So Patti offered to take a shot of us late-stayers anyway.  When she sent the pic to me, there were others as well.  She was taking pics while I was flitting about, I guess.  Go, Patti and THANK YOU.  Also a big warm hug and thank you to everyone who took time on a Wednesday evening to come together for fun and fellowship!  Love you…Jean, Christopher, Tiffany, Ariana, Paula, Antonio, Cora, Suze, Alex, Justin, Stuart, Christine, Dolly, Lori, Cindy, Pattie, Tracy, Susan, Anne, Mary and the uplifting spirit of Nancy!!!

Entrance to the

A huge display of a miniature circus!
This was only about 1/3 of it!

A wall in the museum

Got my fortune told
for a quarter!!!

Check out the quote

My favorite quote from when
I was teaching…LOL

Many many walls were made with
bottles set in concrete

    Tinkertown in Sandia Park is always a fun place to visit.  Quirky and spectacular…everywhere you turn in this eclectic museum!  The sailboat in the back that a man named Fritz lived in during his 10 year journey around the world was what I really wanted Carl to see.  He is a sailboat aficionado!  He loved it and explained a lot about the boat to me…very cool!  To top it off, we ran into Fritz on our way out and he chatted freely with us and shared his knowledge about life on the open sea.  What a terrific surprise!

     Finally, we ventured into Madrid on the west side of the Sandia Mtns…population around 200!  It’s kinda like an old ghost town that came back to life.  In 2007, the movie Wild Hogs was filmed in part on the Turquoise Trail in Madrid.  The set included a diner called Maggie’s!  The building is still there today – only not as a diner, but as a gift shop with anything and everything Wild Hog-ish!!!

Turquoise Trail in Madrid

Maggie’s Diner from ‘Wild Hogs’

Carl’s fun shirt!

For a small donation, you can take
your picture behind any of these wooden
decorated “fronts” 

A posting without a flower…really?

OK…we got shirts…what can I

Lunch at La Placita in
Old Town

say?!  We ate at the Mine Shaft Tavern…a rustic roadside salloon that was built in 1899.  The food was outstanding!  We walked up and down the street ogling the funky art and other goodies.  We were especially grateful for a picture perfect weather day.

Wow! Carl looks worn out!

Tubby break!!!  LOL

Might be our next rig!!!  LOL

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