Two of the visual wonders that I’ll be focusing on when I get on the road are waterfalls and national parks.  Well, I had the opportunity last weekend to visit Carlsbad Caverns in southeastern NM with a friend.  Now, officially, it is Carlsbad National Park!!!  So, I’m wondering if I “cheated” by going there without an RV…without actually having begun my adventure?  Hmmmm?  Enough pondering…I VOTE NO!!!  LOL
   My experience just before entering the caverns, I believe, contributed to preparing me for my adventure.  When I realized the caverns’ path of ‘switchbacks’ lead to over 750′ beneath the earth’s surface…my otherwise minor claustrophobic tendency suddenly became MAJOR!  My throat thickened, my stomach tightened, and my knees weakened!
   It took me a few minutes to get myself together.  I realized this was a chance to face my fears head-on and not allow them to prevent me from seeing something incredible…the 2nd largest cavern in the whole world!!!
   Three hours later, I resurfaced from an unimaginable and spectacular world.  And I’m so grateful that I can say that I am a step closer to being ready to journey into the unknown!  I have included a few images for you to enjoy.

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