Just after I left South Haven, I stopped at a neighborhood market to pick up a few things.  Then, I proceeded to spend an hour and a half driving to my next destination that should have taken about 25 minutes!  Not going there…it was what it was!  LOL
   St. Joseph, MI…where I had the pleasure to meet Parker.  He and a friend were peering into my van windows when I called to them and asked if they’d like to see the inside from the inside!  LOL  They did and loved it!  Then Parker shared his Bright Spot!  For the first time in nearly a month of traveling and many Bright Spots later, I’ve chosen not to paraphrase this story.  Parker wrote directly into my small notebook with such passion that I’m going to type his words verbatim!  “We love giving back to people and seeing the happiness spread.  Spending our time down here on the beaches in downtown St. Joe is what us kids do here in this part.  It’s great to see all the smiles from people either just swinging through or the ones that lived here their whole lives.  A few of us have started a brand called, Straight Bummin’.  We make tie-dye shirts, tank tops, bucket hats, ??? (sorry Parker, didn’t get this one), and sunglasses.  50% of all our profits go to United Way and local charities!  It’s a great thing to see something that you’ve created yourself blossom and help people in a cool new way!  Happiness by any means necessary! 🙂   If you’re looking for a fun time with some good vibes, swing on through St. Joe, MI, Silver Beach and enjoy yourself.”   www.twitter.com/str8bummin   Thank you, Parker.  How about putting some pics of your great art pieces online?!  The tank you had on yesterday was awesome!   I think folks would love to see your stuff!  Good luck with your project!
I’m headed back to St. Joe’s to spend the day on the beach…can’t wait!
Here are some pics of the beach area plus:

Fun foam!

Tunes on the beach

Great sign in  Cabanas Ice Cream & More

LOVE these…water shoots up randomly from everywhere!

That roof is covered with live plants

These mini lighthouses
are all around lake areas
…each made
with different material

Piggies chillin’ in the lake

Cabanas…amazing ice cream
& Rye Belles Rooftop Restaurant…
I’ll let you know if I try them out

Willow trees are here, there and
can’t see too many of them if
you ask me!!!

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