A few days ago, I went to the museum to see the Blue Angel planes because they train here and I always thought their air tricks were amazing.  I left with a whole new respect and compassion for families of wartime.  Seeing the models of ships and planes and reading about their contribution to various wars, seeing pictures of those who served during wartime and wreckages found on the floor of  Lake Michigan….somehow shifted me inside.

Top Gun

 I never appreciated history of any kind in school.  I found it boring and unnecessary…certainly not pertinent to my life.  I was humbled by my visit to this museum and felt a bit ashamed of my lack of interest throughout my life.  Perhaps I’ve taken for granted the fact that during my lifetime I haven’t experienced the fear and loss of having to send a child away not knowing if they would return alive or lost everything because of bombings.   I didn’t connect MY safe life with the sacrifice of thousands of men and women who risked theirs.  Even though I have no first hand experience with what so many families had to bear, my heart is now open to them and their courage and loyalty.  With much respect, admiration and appreciation, I say Thank you.
Bright Spot- Last evening I joined some of the campers at a community fire.  We were chatting about all kinds of things regarding the RV life.  The we were sharing what we were going to contribute to the Thanksgiving dinner at the campground.  One woman said she was hoping that 96 deviled eggs were going to be enough.  My eyes widened.  I asked who in the world was gonna eat all those eggs when the owners were supplying the main things?  As it turns out, there will be approximately 150 people here on Thursday…about 40 of which will be young military men and women!  The owners are busing them in from the naval base!  Most of them will be experiencing their first Thanksgiving away from home.  Apparently, this campground has been doing this each of the 6 years they have been in business!   I was so touched by this immense gesture of love!  The owners are supplying 9 turkeys, hams, fresh local oysters, pies, etc.  Campers are going all out for this celebration.  I told them they could count me in!  I’m going to make mini skewers with heart shaped strawberries, mini marshmallows and blueberries (red, white and blue) for everyone!  So this Thanksgiving meal will be an opportunity for me to say thank you in person and be part of a beautiful community effort to help these young kids feel at home.  I am so honored to be here for this!

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