After I left the museum the other day, I drove to one of the beaches here.  I was ready for lunch and CRABS was recommended to me by the woman in the Pensacola Visitors Center.  Well, she did a great job with that one!  The food was wonderful, the people friendly, the outer patio was right on the white sandy beach that slipped right into the Gulf of Mexico!!!  Not to mention they were playing fabulous beachy songs!!!  I had time while waiting for my meal to walk along the beach and found several pieces of sand dollars…so cool!  I didn’t arrive until about 3:30 and I wanted to be back to the campground before dark, so I didn’t stay as long as I would have liked….but rest assured, I’ll be going back!

Restaurant from the pkg lot

Restaurant from the beach

Gulf of Mexico-barely dusk

Judi’s piggies  in the
crystal clear Gulf

My dinner date…lol

My 3 meal dinner…lots of leftovers!!!

If you zoom in, you’ll see they are
pelicans!  They’re everywhere down here!

Sand covered floor!


Sand dollar pieces
I’m on a mission to discover a whole one!

The side view of this shell reminds
me of a futuristic condo building or
arena of some sort.
So, I have an active imagination!!!
It’s cool though even without
an imagination!!! 
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