I am in Pensacola, FL at an RV Park for 2 weeks.  I arrived last night and I’ll be playing catch up today regarding my travels to get here.
   So, stop #1 was Thousand Trails in Goucester, VA just to spend the night.  When I arrived it was already dark.  The dawn brought with it a gloriously foggy lake!   I packed up Van-Go and drove close to the lake and parked temporarily in a vacant site.  There were lounge chairs so I got comfy and watched my surroundings transform for over an hour.

No island

Crossing the Potomac River at dusk

Visibility when I first arrived

Fog stripe…lol

Island begins to appear

Island with trees and houses

At first, all I could really see was a nearby bush and the edge of the water on the shore only 10 feet away.  Gradually, the once snowy white blanketed sky and lake gave way to a paradise of autumn kissed trees caressing a few homes on a small island across the lake.  The process was akin to a blank sheet of paper as words to a poem began to reveal a beautiful sentiment or a canvas becoming a masterpiece by the hand of its artist!
     Once my eyes were content with such a sweet expression of nature’s magic, I leaned back on the chair and lowered my eyelids to allow the experience to be absorbed within me.   After several minutes of stillness, I did my breathing exercises and was just about to open my eyes, when I heard the most magnificent sound…the call of a bald eagle!  I glanced upward immediately and there, soaring along the tree line, was a mature eagle in all its white-feathered glory!!!  What a spectacular sight!   My gaze was fixed on its graceful movements as it played awhile with the breeze before perching on a tall tree.  From where I was, its head and tail looked like 2 cotton balls mounted on the newly visible azure sky.   “Oh, what a beautiful morning…oh what a beautiful day…..”

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