We have arrived!  And
we’ve been retro-ed into the 70’s!!!  We
are staying at the International Traveler’s Zoo Hostel in San Diego!  After a brief period of adjustment, we
embraced the entire experience!  We were
greeted by 2 young men…one from Italy and one from Brazil…how cool was that?!

Our bedroom

Sharon determined to keep
our “jewels” safe…LOL


Welcome desk

Game and TV room off the kitchen

Whatever shall I wear?!
     We were escorted to our room and given the tour!  Each one we met was fabulously welcoming and helpful!  This is going to be a grand adventure with
some terrific people!  We got settled in
and explored the streets of San Diego and found our way to a wonderful Thai
Restaurant for dinner…yummy!

     It’s late now…three hours later than the clock reads…it
feels like 12:00, but it’s only 9:00…gotta love time zones!   Tomorrow promises to be a new adventure…Sharon’s friend Martha has offered to be our personal tour guide….I wonder where we will go???!!!
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