I woke up early so I would have time to finalize my packing,
have breakfast, and say my thank you’s and good-bye’s.  Meg, Rachel and Julie…thank you for managing
a ‘home away from home’ for so many! 
Thanks to all those volunteers who joyfully kept the hostel clean,
notices current, and tummies full!
     Speaking of tummies full…the chef extraordinaire of the day
was Andrea.  Bright Spot – Andrea is part of the staff at the ITH Zoo
Hostel.  He is from Italy and is a master
of the romance languages.  He doesn’t
drink or smoke because he believes in taking optimal care of himself.  Andrea is also a world class champion salsa
dancer!  He likes to talk about culture,
food, movies and, of course, love.
I found him to be kind, helpful and engaging. 

I asked him what it was about his life that
he loved.  He told me that he loves his life
because he controls it…he doesn’t feel obligated to be, say or do what others
might expect—he is always true to himself! 
That helps him to enjoy his life every day.  Well, Andrea, it’s hard to argue with that!  It was my pleasure to meet you and thanks for
helping with my luggage!!!

Bright Spot – Angel was kind enough to
drive me to the airport at 8:00am on a Monday!  He is staying at the hostel for a while.  His family is from Mexico and he is
considering opening a hostel in Mexico. 
He is only 23 years old and has had many life experiences already.  Angel, thank you for your hospitality especially
so early in the morning…lol and many blessings in all your endeavors!
I’m off to Albuquerque, NM to take care of some business and
spend time with my “family” there!!!!
Farewell, San Diego, for now!

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