Another gorgeous day in San Diego!  Off we went to explore more of Balboa Park!
The miles we’ve covered in the last several days…whew…go
Museum of Man


The Museum of Man building consists of multiple architectural
designs!  Its dome and tower can be seen
from quite a distance and are the landmarks welcoming visitors to Balboa Park.  Within the walls of this eclectic structure
are a variety of exhibits.

     My favorite
was Dr. Seuss!  It drew you in and evoked
a childlike enthusiasm with its colors and familiar figures that engaged us
over and over as children and as parents! 
I remember receiving monthly shipments of the fun-filled rhyming stories
when my kids were growing up!!!
My new best friend…lol


One of Dr. Seuss’s paintings


What a view!!!

I love this quote!

Wonderful kid activities


Turtle tower

Sharing “The Cat” with
Sharon…what are friends for? 

There was an exhibit depicting the evolution of man to this
point and the ‘inevitable robotic age’, cloning, etc.  That was kinda scary if you ask me! 

     Believe it or not, there was a display of the life and times
of BEER!  Who knew it was such a part of
the human experience for soooo long! 
Despite the fact that I’m not a beer drinker, I did find it extremely

It all says…BEER


Click to read

Click to read

Pre-steins with lids
     Prior to seeing the exhibits, we took the California Tower tour…climbing about 100 or so
steps over a period of half an hour stopping on the various levels to get some
history.  The view from the top was
spectacular and discovering that the ‘bell tower’ had NO BELLS was very
interesting.  The beautiful sound heard
from the tower every 15 minutes comes from an instrument called a carillon.  It is similar to an organ, but instead of air
being pushed through pipes, the sounds are created electronically.  They simulate and amplify bell sounds which are then played from loudspeakers.  Electronic carillons utilize an internal clock which determines when chimes or music will be played. Amazing!


Carillon workings

Our tour guide at
the spiral staircase to the top

View from the top

View of the dome

View from a different direction

The gray landscape in the back is

Cool view of staircase

If you look closely, you’ll
see a hawk’s nest on the ledge

View of Naval officers
on a morning run!

   We had a full day packed with fun, information and beauty….which included the Botanical Gardens….that splendid visual and olfactory experience can be seen on the following post!!!  Prepare yourself!   Unfortunately, I was not able to give you a click n sniff link…LOL 

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