WOW!  We left on foot about
9:00 to Balboa Park where the famous San Diego Zoo is situated!  We continued on foot through 5:00 and about
22,000 steps later we were on our way back! 
In the meantime we had a fabulous experience!  We hopped on the shuttle to get an overview
of the zoo and a feel for which exhibits we really wanted to see. 

Bird of Paradise


It’s a willow!!!

Look through the eye piece at the flower
arrangement and spin the dish…voila!

A live kaleidoscope

Aloe plants with a bloom that resembles
a swan neck and head!!!

We’re at the zoo!  We’re at the zoo!

This place was gorgeous!  The animal enclosures suited their inhabitants

 The plant life throughout created
somewhat of a wonderland!  The signs were
big, bold and perfectly situated, as were the Zoo guides, to assist people in
getting where they wanted to go!  It was
the most beautiful and well thought out zoo I’ve ever seen.

Which way do we go?
Moving paths throughout
the zoo




Look at those beautiful tusks!

The King

I have no idea what
this is, but it really
wanted its picture


One of the highlights was seeing the one month old gorilla
taking a nap in its mother’s arms! 
Others were the waterfalls, the silly orangutans, the various types of
eagles, the majestic elephants and giraffes, the King of the jungle and, of course, the pandas and koalas! I LOVED THIS ZOO!!!!

Succulent wall

Monkey fun!

Steller’s Sea-eagle

Ornate Hawk-eagle

Harpy Eagle


Koala  (the video I took is too big to
upload here…I’ll try on Facebook)

Let me OUT!!!!!

Gorilla baby…one month young

I love it!!!



 On our way back to the hostel, we hit up Whole Foods for
some evening grub!  Always a great
idea!!!  We returned to our room and had
a picnic on a beach towel on the floor! 
We sat and noshed, recapped our day and began discussing plans for our
adventure to Coronado Beach tomorrow! 
What a delightful day!


Siesta camel

On their way to lunch


Hawaiian plants
Snack time

Too cute
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